US health care: what a racket!

Nov 30 2017
Susan from Norwood Park

On approaching 62 y.o., I had developed cataracts.  It had gotten so bad by the time I was 64, I was basically reading with my left eye.  The right eye cataract was really uncomfortable and blurry.  Overhead street signs, airport plane schedules were difficult to read.

During this time frame (ages 62-65) I had an ACA health plan, $6800.00 deductible and $132.00 monthly premium.  Cataract surgery was not covered because I would have to pay my deductible first.  It basically became a difficult waiting period until Medicare became available.

Once I had Medicare with a supplement I had the surgery, it was like a veil had been lifted.  Total cost to me $95.00.

Medicare has made a real difference in my quality of life and vision.

But, it's not perfect.

After cataract surgery I was given a script for (3) small bottles of eye drops.

My Medicare D wasn't starting until the beginning of the next month.  I assumed wrongly that the doctor was going to give me the eye drops.

I go to CVS with the script, it cost over $200.00! Luckily I had my credit card with me; who would of thought.

The following month I had surgery on the other eye. My Medicare Part  D card was active with Walmart's plan. I had the same exact script as the month before, however my cost this time was $25.00.  A difference of more than $175.00.  RIDICULOUS!

The insurance and pharmaceutical companies really know how to profit themselves at our expense!

Back to that dysfunctional ACA. It needs a massive correction or to be replaced completely with hopefully "single payer healthcare."

While I had that ACA plan last year with a $6800.00  deductible and a monthly premium of $132.00, I got a sinus infection, that apparently was hard to treat.

It lasted 3 months. I saw  2 generalist doctors plus 1 Ear Nose and Throat, and took 4 different rounds of antibiotics. Total out of pocket costs amounted to $851.00, with this crappy ACA.

Maybe I would of been better cost wise,  just paying the tax penalty at the end of the year.  The insurance was useless.

What a racket!


The author is using only her first name in order to protect her privacy. 



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