Board of Directors Bios


Board of Directors Bios

Phil Verhoef, President

Philip is a physician at the University of Chicago, working in the adult and pediatric intensive care units and conducting pulmonary immunology research. He has been an active member of PNHP since 2007, when he joined during residency at UCLA. When he's not in the ICU, working in the lab, teaching, or advocating for single payer, he enjoys being an active musician, singing with the Chicago Chorale.

Pam Gronemeyer, Vice-President

Pam is a PNHP member, a board member of Missourians for Single-Payer, and leads Southern Illinois People for Progress. She is an anatomic and clinical pathologist. She is the director and a woman small business owner of SEMC Pathology in Highland,IL  which is a pathology business which provides pathology services to six critical access hospitals in southwestern Illinois- St. Joseph's Hospital (Highland,IL), Red Bud Regional hospital (Red  Bud ,IL),Washington County Hospital (Nashville,IL)< Pnickneyvilee Community Hospital (Pinckneyville,IL), Marshall Browning Hospital (DuQuoin,IL) and Community Memorial Hospital (Staunton,IL).The service also runs a CAP accredited cytology service with testing for sexually-transmitted diseases and gynecologic and nongynecologic cytologies.  She is actively involved in directing the Infection Contril committees in the hospitals as well as working on quality assurance activities and advocating for patient saftey. She believes "healthcare is a human right" and provides healthcare insurance to her employees and their dependents with minimal out-of-pocket expense. She is an activist in her community and in the healthcare arena.  As the child of a late union laborer, she knows that our safety net is vital to the preservation of our democracy.


Mark Johnson, Treasurer

Mark Johnson is a native of Illinois, born in Urbana and grew up in Chicago and suburbia.  Attended college at MIT and Stanford, where he received his PhD in economics.  Now retired, his last teaching position was at Chicago State University.  He has been a supporter of some kind of single payer health care for decades and the past couple of years an active member of ISPC-Chicago. 


Sonja Rotenberg, Director, Past President

Sonja graduated from a pharmacy school in Vienna, Austria, and holds a Social Work degree from DePaul University in Chicago. She has been deeply interested in health care for many years, involved with single-payer issues since 2008, and now devotes much of her time to organizing for single-payer through ISPC. Sonja believes that "health care is a human right" and therefore every person has the right to comprehensive and affordable care. She is the membership and outreach coordinator for One Payer States, a group of single-payer activists around the nation. She is also a member of Progressive Democrats of America, Gray Panthers, and Physicians for a National Health Program (as a health reform advocate).


William Bianchi, Director

Bill is retired from teaching and corporate training. He currently serves as Chair of Progressive Democrats of Illinois and Chicago. He also served on the national Nominating Committee for the Sierra Club from 2008 through 2010.


David Meimers, Director

David is an accountant in Municipal Finance. He has been a professional in accounting and finance for more than 20 years. David's professional experience includes public accounting, Fortune 500 experience, and non-profit work. David has long been a single-payer advocate and believes that health care is a human right.


Rachel Stones, Director

Rachel is currently a medical student at the University of Chicago and her goal is to become a primary care physician activist.  She has been actively involved with the student chapter of PNHP since 2013.



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