Board Meeting Minutes, 1-21-2017

Jan 27 2017
Sonja Rotenberg, acting secretary




The January meeting of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Single-Payer Coalition (ISPC)  was held at the offices of the Physicians for A national Health Program, 29 E. Madison, Suite 1412, Chicago, Illinois at 12:30 pursuant to notice as provided in the by-laws.

Philip Verhoef acted as a chair of the meting and called the meeting to order. Sonja Rotenberg acted as a Secretary of the meeting and recorded the proceedings. Board members present at the meeting:

Philip Verhoef

Sonja Rotenberg

David Meimers

Michael Grice

Mark Johnson via phone

Bill Bianchi via phone


Also present were ISPC members Anne Scheetz and Carolynn Ediger.

1.     Roll Call: 6 out of 8 directors were present - quorum was satisfied

2.     Approval of November minutes: Sonja made a motion to approve minutes, Michael seconded, motion passed unanimously.

3.     Treasurer’s report: The finance committee is implementing a new financial package “QuickBooks”. This will make accounting simpler and more accurate. We have enough assets to fund the various projects we are working on.

4.     NIJwJ membership & questions response: The board voted to continue the reciprocal/complimentary membership  with NIJwJ. Sonja made the motion, Mark seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The Board also responded to questions presented by Hale Landes, the ISPC representative to NIJwJ. CIJwJ membership came up as well. ISPC is a member of the CIJwJ but this is not a reciprocal membership. We pay dues to CIJwJ, However, CIJwJ is a sponsor of the radio program World Labor Hour, run by David Johnson, the ISPC representative to CIJwJ.  The program always starts mentioning ISPC.

5.     Update on single-payer study: Goal of this study is a published booklet format that would show ramification of a single-payer system financing of health care in the state of Illinois. The study will focus on the areas of waste and inequality of the current system and how single-payer system will reduce or eliminate them. Major source of information will be interviews with people with experience or deep knowledge of various facets of the health care system in Illinois with special emphasis on financing. A number of interviews have been completed and transcribed.

The committee running the project, Bill Bianchi, Mark Johnson, Anne Scheetz and Sean Zolfo, presented a budget for the project. A motion to approve the budget proposal of $6,250 was made by Sonja and seconded by Michael. The motion passed unanimously. It has been stressed that book will have fundraising potential. The project does not need an administrative assistant at this stage but may require a hire of a person with special skills in delivery and marketing when the project is at that stage.

6.     Discussion of Everybody INstitute plans: Members of the current planning

committee had a conference call where planning progress was made. Items discussed: format, target audience, vision and messaging, how to engage people and organizations, location and registration fee. Some of the venues for the EI that are being considered: Hyde Park – University Church, Experimental Station, University of IL, Malcolm X College, Union Hall on W. Washington St., St. Ignatius high school. The planning committee is also developing ideas for workshops and considering a keynote speaker.

Ben Day, Executive Director for Healthcare-Now!, agreed to lead the EI. We have been in contact with Ben and will have a planning call with him.

Organizations and groups that we want to invite to participate have been listed as well. The planning committee members are developing an email to be send to the organizations and to the large list of individuals. A “save the date” email has been sent to the large list.

We are working on a budget for the event. We are working on hiring an administrative assistant for the event. The Board voted to approve spending expenses for the EI. The motion was made by Sonja and seconded by Mark. The motion passed unanimously.

7.     Discussion of policy for funding requests: This item has been tabled.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.  Next meeting date: March 11 @12:30.

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