Board Meeting Minutes, 3-11-2017, subject to final approval

Mar 21 2017
Rachel Stones, Secretery

ISPC Board Meeting Minutes, March 11, 2017, 12:30 PM


March 11, 2017 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Where: The meeting was held at 21 N. Wabash (restaurant inside a jewelry store) due to unavailability of the PNHP office.


Rachel Stones - Secretary

1. Roll Call: Bill Bianchi, Pam Gronemeyer (via phone),  Mark Johnson, David Meimers, Sonja Rotenberg, Rachel Stones (via phone) and Philip Verhoef (chairing the meeting) were present. Also present were Anne Scheetz and Sean Zolfo.

2. Approval of minutes from Jan 2017:  Sonja made a motion to approve the minutes, Mark seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Treasurer’s report

·      Still working on QuickBooks

·      We have enough assets to fund the various projects we are working on.

4. Update on single payer study (Bill B)

·      Study is moving along. Have 8 or 9 interviews. Need someone who has worked for insurance companies. Also looking for individuals on Medicaid.

·      Really need a writer who can give serious time to the project.

o   Finding a graduate student suggested

5. Discussion of Everybody INstitute plans, including budget

·      Using NNU office

·      Will email people who registered with information (registration, parking, etc)

·      Sonja will print agenda and list of people coming

          All preparation for the Everybody INstitute are going well.

6. Upcoming board election

·      Election will be May – June

·      Need to have been a member of ISPC for 60 days prior to the election in order to vote

·      Must be a member to run for the board

·      Board nominating committee must include one board member and one non-board member – will be Anne Scheetz and Phil Verhoef

·      Pam, Mark, Bill will all run again

·      Sonja and Rachel will not be running again

7.  Announcements

·      Phil will send out an email to choose a date for the next meeting. Anne and Sean will be the state coordinators and contacts for the Campaign for Guaranteed Health Care action April 10-21.

Next meeting date: TBA in the PNHP office, 29 E Madison St, Suite 1412, 12:30 pm 

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