Board Minutes from November ISPC Board of Directors Meeting

Nov 18 2017
Jordan Centers

ISPC Board Meeting Minutes, November 18, 2017


  1. Roll Call


Bill Bianchi, Jordan Centers (via phone), Pam Gronemeyer (via phone), Mark Johnson (via phone), David Meimers (via phone), Philip Verhoef, and Sean Zolfo were present. Also present was Barbara Ansell, Ann Marie Cunningham, Carolynn Ediger, Clarice Hearne, Lauren Kadziel (via phone), and Anne Scheetz.


  1. Approval of minutes from September 2017

Bill made a motion to approve the minutes and Jordan seconded the motion. Unanimous approval from members present.  


  1. Treasurer’s report

No changes since discussed at the last meeting.

Later in the meeting, the Board voted to allocate additional funds towards hiring a contractor.


  1. Update on single payer study

Bill provided an update on the study. Three of four chapters have been drafted; current draft is out for review.


  1. Request (from Anne) to donate to the filmmakers of “Now is the Time”, the follow-up to the “Healthcare Movie”

Bill made a motion to approve a $250 donation to the filmmakers. Mark seconded the motion. Unanimous approval from members present.


  1. Update on submission of Form 5768, electing to “To make expenditure to influence legislation”

Form was submitted but no confirmation received. Phil and Mark to follow-up to confirm receipt.


  1. Discussion in more broad terms of our role (as an organization) in forming formal/stated alliances with other organizations

The importance of forming alliances with other organizations was discussed.

Anne proposed identifying on the website other organizations and individuals throughout Illinois that were committed to single-payer and posting a link to their information. This would be done with that group’s (or individual’s) permission and would be organized geographically.

Phil to draft letter to prospective groups and contacts.


  1. Discussion of ISPC drafting a principles-based statement on what single payer is (initiated by Mark Johnson)

It was discussed that our mission statement encompasses what we believe the principles of a single-payer system should be; it was concluded that an additional statement is not needed at this time.


  1. Hiring a contractor (or more than 1): next steps.

Suggestions for contractor responsibilities proposed and discussed. Phil to review job descriptions previously drafted and send an updated draft to the board for review.

Mark made a motion to allocate an additional $6,000 towards the contractor. Pam seconded the motion. Unanimous approval from all members present.


  1. Discussion of ISPC's current position on the Sanders bill in conjunction with a review of our discussion with Durbin's staff from Thursday (Clarice to report)

Senator Durbin’s staff member invited the delegation to continue to serve as advisors on single-payer. They requested the delegation provide personal stories of the healthcare system.

A statement of ISPC’s response to Senator Sanders’ Medicare for All Act 2017 has been drafted and is waiting approval from ISPC participants.


  1. Discussion of ISPC's role in upcoming congressional and statewide races (we were recently approached by staff from Jim Walz, candidate for 14th district currently held by Randy Hultgren)

It was discussed that we can provide an educational role by informing constituents about single payer healthcare, and relevant legislation.


  1. Discussion of ISPC's response to Maximus webinars (Bill)

Did not discuss due to time restrictions.


  1. Next fundraiser (end of the year, associated with Giving Tuesday?)

Will send fundraising email this Giving Tuesday.


  1. Announcements

Post about us!