ISPC Board Minutes, July 2017

Jul 22 2017
Jordan Centers, ISPC Board Secretary

1.     Roll Call:

Phil Verhoef (via phone), Pam Gronemeyer (via phone), Mark Johnson (via phone), Michael Grice, Sean Zolfo, David Meimers, and Jordan Centers were present. Also present were Anne Scheetz, Donna Janovsky, Michael Milligan, and Carolynn Ediger.

2.     Election of new officers:

-        Jordan Centers was elected Secretary.

-        Mark Johnson will be Treasurer instead of Bill Bianchi.

-        Officers

o   President: Philip Verhoef

o   Vice-President: Pam Gronemeyer

o   Secretary: Jordan Centers

o   Treasurer: Mark Johnson

-        Directors

o   Bill Bianchi

o   Michael Grice

o   David Meimers

o   Sean Zolfo


3.     Approval of minutes from the May 2017 Board meeting: 

There was unanimous approval of minutes from members present.  

4.     Treasurer’s report:

Financial statements provided by David and Mark, presented by Mark.

We discussed possible items to consider budgeting for next year, including but not limited to, hiring a part-time employee, the single payer study, supporting Michael Milligan’s plays, and sponsoring trips to Springfield or conferences.

The financial committee will send an invitation to all ISPC members to invite them to make budget requests. Members will be directed to make their requests to the applicable committee, or to Phil Verhoef if no committee is applicable. Committees will review and forward requests to the financial committee for consideration into the budget.

If we pursued hiring a part-time employee, we would need to designate who is responsible for hiring, training, and supervising said employee.

The financial committee will have a report prepared by the next board meeting in September, where it will be voted on by board members. 

5.     Policy on announcing board meetings:

Policy proposed by Anne Scheetz and reads:

Notice of the next meeting is posted on the website as soon as the date, time, and location are decided.

10 days before the meeting: notice sent to the discussion list serve. It will include instructions on how to call in to the meeting, and how an ISPC member can request that an item be added to the agenda.

72 hours before the meeting: agenda posted.

If the agenda is changed, it's posted on the website and a notice is sent to the discussion list serve.

From 24 hours before the meeting: no further changes to the agenda.

Anyone who requested an agenda item should attend the meeting, in person or by phone, if at all possible.

After the meeting, the directors will vote on preliminary approval of the minutes by email. If approved, the minutes will be posted on the website and a notice sent to the discussion list serve.

The policy was unanimously approved by members present.

6.     Upcoming Actions:

-        Die-in to demand Improved Medicare for All in Chicago and Springfield. The event currently has 19 sponsors with planning involving Gay Liberation Network, National Nurses United, and Democratic Socialists of America.

-        Bughouse Square Debates. ISPC will be tabling and Susan Aarup will be speaking.

7.     Supporting Michael Milligan:

Michael Milligan will have a run of both of his plays this fall September 7th through October 8th at the Greenhouse theatre. The two plays are titled Mercy Killers and Side Effects. Anne proposed ISPC to host a reception one evening after the show. There was unanimous approval from members present.

8.     Managing social media:

ISPC is currently interviewing someone to coordinate and command our social media presence.

9.     Supporting the growth of other ‘chapters’

Jordan expressed interest in ISPC assisting with organizing members (and non members) in other locales. This would have the two-fold purpose of connecting single payer advocates to other local members and increasing ISPC membership. Jordan proposed sending a physical piece of mail to those who have signed up as supporters of Medicare for All. This was supported by David Meimers and approved by members present.

This will be done first on a trial basis around the southwest Chicago suburbs. A physical mailing will be drafted by Jordan and the membership committee. It was suggested that this messaging should have a specific ask or declaration. Anne suggested incorporating the Durbin initiative with this ask or declaration.

Donna also suggested making phone calls to connect supporters.

10.   Supporting statewide events:

There is a single payer educational forum in Peoria in September. The event is called Healthcare – What’s Plan C? Anne proposed ISPC to be a sponsor of this event; unanimous approval from members present.

Next meeting date: September 16th, 2017, 12:30pm at the PNHP office, 29 E Madison St, Suite 1412, 12:30 pm 

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