ISPC Board Minutes, September 2017

Sep 16 2017
Jordan Centers, ISPC Board Secretary

ISPC Board Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2017

(pending approval at the next board meeting)


1. Roll Call

Jordan Centers, Michael Grice, Pam Gronemeyer (via phone), Mark Johnson (via phone), David Meimers (via phone), Philip Verhoef, and Sean Zolfo were present. Also present was Anne Scheetz.


2. Approval of minutes from July 2017

Sean made a motion to approve the minutes and Jordan and Pam seconded the motion. Unanimous approval from members present.  


3. Treasurer’s report

The treasurer provided a draft budget. It was proposed to devote additional funds for outreach support downstate and outside Chicago. Sean made a motion, and Jordan and Pam seconded the motion. Unanimous approval from members present.

The following requests for additional funds were proposed and approved by all board members present:

-        using a vendor to send automatic renewal letters to membership,

-        renewing membership with Central Illinois Jobs with Justice,

-        an honorarium for the video promotion made for Michael’s plays, and

-        purchasing five copies of Now is the Time DVDs to be available for screenings.


4. Website redesign

Sean proposed considering a redesign of our website. He will send examples of websites and ideas to the board.

Sean also proposed using a platform to help automate and organize membership communications. Sean to consult with our CRM manager.


5. Discussion of submitting Form 5768, electing to “To make expenditure to influence legislation”

This form would allow ISPC to spend up to 20% of our budget on direct or indirect lobbying. Jordan made a motion to approve. Sean seconded the motion. Unanimous approval from members present.


6. Discussion of Clarice Hearn’s request for ISPC to join Our Revolution (outgrowth 501c4 of people mobilized to support Bernie) and to support the People’s Agenda ( in Champaign (also a 501c4)

It was requested at the last ISPC Chicago meeting to begin discussing these two items. ISPC Chicago and other chapters will continue these discussions and no action by the board will be made at this time.


7. Michael Milligan’s plays: what’s done, what’s next, future fundraising

ISPC held a reception after the 9/10 performance. The plays were very well-received. During the reception, Al and members from DSA interviewed and video-taped audience members for their reactions and responses to the play.

Jordan Centers, Phil Verhoef, and Michael Grice to participate in upcoming panel discussions after certain Sunday performances. The play runs through October 8th.


8. Susan Hurley’s independent contractor discussion

Discussed potential responsibilities for a contractor, which included administrative support for the Economic Impact Study, organizing and hosting trainings to increase membership outreach, or organizing educational events around the state.

Will first consult with Bill to see if assistance needed with the Economic Impact Study. If not, then will consider other contractor responsibilities and solicit ideas from ISPC membership.


9. Discussion of Bernie’s bill: how to analyze, how to incorporate opinions, how to achieve consensus as an organization on it

Discussed drawbacks of Senator Sanders bill, including the lack of long-term care services, the gradual implementation period, and the lack of global budgeting. Will invite ISPC membership to discuss opinions of the bill and ISPC’s response.


10.  Announcements

Thomson IL Village board passed a resolution supporting HR676.


Decatur Trades & Labor Assembly and Vermillion County Federation of Labor passed resolutions to endorse HR 676. 

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