ISPC Membership Committee



ISPC Membership Committee


The membership committee's purpose is to recruit members to ISPC. The committee also solicits ideas on recruitment.



  • Expand membership around the state
  • Promulgate outreach ideas to the board on an ongoing basis
  • Plan and oversee outreach activities approved by board such as emailing, mailing, and educational activities for public and legislators.  Track results and costs.
  • Maintainance and organization of individual members & membership organizations
  • Maintain email lists



  • Bill Bianchi, chair
  • Pam Gronemeyer
  • Donna Janovsky
  • Mark Johnson
  • David Meimers
  • Sonja Rotenberg



Bill Bianchi:



The membership committee does not have regular meetings scheduled at this time. The committee meets as needed. The meetings can take place via electronic media.


Who can join:

Any due paying member of ISPC interested in recruting members to ISPC. Ideas on recruitment are welcome.

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