ISPC People with Disabilities Committee



  • Inform the Board and the membership about issues affecting people with disabilities that are relevant to the single-payer movement, and recommend action when appropriate.
  • Facilitate participation and leadership by people with disabilities in ISPC and the single-payer movement.
  • Promote collaboration between ISPC and the disability rights movement on issues of mutual interest.

The ISPC People with Disabilities Committee welcomes comments and questions from anyone about such topics as accessibility of this website, accessibility of events, and other issues relevant to people with disabilities and the single-payer movement.


  • From Section 203 of HR 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act: (d) Favoring Non-Institutional Care- All efforts shall be made under this Act to provide long-term care in a home- or community-based setting, as opposed to institutional care.

Contact: Anne Scheetz, Secretary


  • Susan Aarup, Chicago, Chair
  • Chuy Campuzano, Chicago
  • Abla Gharib, Chicago
  • Marilyn Martin, Chicago
  • Michael Meiselman, Springfield
  • William Owens, Jr., Chicago
  • Barb Pritchard, Champaign
  • Marcia Rothenberg, Chicago
  • Steve Serikaku, Chicago
  • Anne Scheetz, Chicago, Secretary
  • Tom Wilson, Chicago


The People with Disabilities Committee conducts business by email and telephone. Currently the secretary is responsible for making sure that all committee members are involved in communications.

New members:

The People with Disabilities Committee welcomes any ISPC member with an interest in disability rights issues. Please contact Anne Scheetz as above.

ISPC memberships start at $10 per year. If you wish to join but cannot afford this, please contact Anne Scheetz as above.


What single-payer health care will mean for people with disabilities: click here.

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