September Minutes

Nov 12 2016
Rachel Stones

ISPC Board Meeting Minutes, September 17, 2016, 11:30 AM


PNHP offices, 29 E. Madison, Suite 1412, Chicago, IL 60602



September 17, 2016



Rachel Stones - Secretary




1. Roll Call

·      Bill Bianchi (Treasurer)

·      Michael Grice

·      Pam Gronemeyer (Vice President)

·      Mark Johnson

·      David Meimers

·      Sonja Rotenberg

·      Rachel Stones (Secretary)

·      Philip Verhoef (President)


2. Approval of minutes from July 2016

·      Minutes were unanimously approved


3. Election of Secretary

·      Rachel elected secretary


4. Treasurer’s report

·      Mark: we had recurring donations, no recent new donations

·      Working on transferring responsibilities to Bill


5. Discussion of RFP for single payer study and Bill B’s new idea about a publication

·      Bill: Suggests that we take a different approach to the study. Notes that we are having trouble finding a researcher to promote it to the state, and that we also wouldn’t have results until well into the study which would give us less control. Proposes a revision of our economic study project along lines of research found in Chicago is Not Broke.  Suggests that we publish a book and each chapter will be written by a person with knowledge of or experience in a subject area.

·      Chapters could cover:

o   Waste in financing

o   Options for single payer

o   Benefits of single payer

o   Action steps aimed at furthering the education

·      Board members agree this is a good idea, no one has any objections

·      Bill is willing to be the coordinator, willing to devote ~10 hours/week

·      Next step will be to form a committee (including someone not on the board) and confirm an outline



·      Motion to solicit support for ColoradoCare amongst membership

·      Motion approved, no objections

·      Don’t need to endorse, but rather acknowledge it is an example of state based organizing for better healthcare and a step with the idea of single payer in mind

·      Framing would be to explain what single payer is and that it is not single payer and tell members it is up to them to support - purpose would be to educate

·      Sonja will draft an email explaining ColoradoCare

·      Board votes to give $500 to ColoradoCare


6. Discussion of proposal for hiring administrative help

·      Need to solidify what we are asking

·      Concern about who will mentor and direct

·      Phil will rework job description and circulate it, we can have discussion via email

·      Employment could be an independent contract


7. Discussion of Everybody INstitute dates/plans

·      April 1 identified as date

·      Phil will email people interested in being involved to let them know the date


8. Review of process for funding requests (Phil to provide a form to review)

·      Phil will make changes to form and draft a one page policy


9. Discussion of appointment positions to the board

·      No appointments

·      People can run for the board in the spring


10. Discussion of new movie “Now is the Time”, from the makers of the Healthcare Movie:

·      Identify potential movie venues


11. Upcoming disease-related events

·      September 25, 2016 – Chicago CureSearch Walk, Walk to End Alzheimer’s

·      September 30, 2016 – Metro Chicago Heart walk

·      October 1, 2016 – AIDS Walk @ Soldier Field

·      October 15, 2016 – Diabetes City Walk

·      October 16, 2016 – Race for the Kids at Comer Children's


12.  Announcements, including identifying dates for the rest of the year: for your consideration

            Nov 12: 12:30-2:30PM

            Jan 21: 12:30-2:30PM (or can be 11:30)
            Mar 11: 12:30-2:30PM

            May 13: 12:30-2:30PM (or can be 11:30)

            June 17 or 24: all members meeting.


Next meeting date: November 12 in the PNHP office, 29 E Madison St, Suite 1412, 12:30 am


Action Items

·      Bill: send out email about forming a committee for the publication idea

·      Sonja: draft email about ColoradoCare

·      Phil: rework the job description for administrative help and circulate it

·      Phil: send email out about Everybody INstitute date

·      Phil: make minor changes to reimbursement form and draft a one-page policy

·      All: identify potential movie venues

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