Take Action: Not the GOP health plan, but Medicare for all!


TrumpCare (the American Healthcare Act, or AHCA) would significantly increase the number of uninsured and under-insured Americans. Nevertheless, on May 4 that bill passed the House and advanced to the Senate. All Republican House members from Illinois voted yes. All Democrats voted no. (New York Times article here. Scroll down to find out how your Representative voted.) 

Single-payer supporters need to take action. Please make two calls:

1) Call your US Representative.

  • Find your representative and contact info here
  • If they voted no, thank them.
  • If they voted yes, say that you steadfastly oppose the AHCA.
  • In either case tell them we need national improved Medicare for all.

2) Call Senator Bernie Sanders.

Senator Bernie Sanders has promised to introduce a single-payer bill, but has not yet done so. Some reports suggest he is considering not introducing the bill in this session. 

Call Senator Sanders at 202-224-5141. Tell him that opposing the AHCA is not enough; we need Medicare for All to be front and center in the healthcare debate. Please introduce a Senate version of HR 676 now!

Thank you for taking action for health care justice!


Monday, May 15, 2017 - 06:45

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