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The ISPC discussion group is a virtual forum where single-payer supporters and those who want to learn more about it can connect, ask questions, and share information and ideas.

You can join the discussion group by clicking here (it's a Yahoo group). You can remove yourself from the group at any time.

If you think you have joined this discussion group but are not getting emails, please send notify us at More Yahoo groups than this one seem to be having problems with adding subscribers. We are attempting to resolve the problem. Note: This problem appears to be resolved, but please contact us if you continue to have difficulty. 

11/23/17: Please note that many Yahoo groups are having problems with delivery of messages beginning November 18, 2017. We like others are trying to get this corrected. 

Update 11/24/17: The problem with non-delivery of messages to Yahoo list serves appears to be resolved as of today. If any of your emails bounced, you should have received notice and you should re-send them. Please send an email to if you continut to have problems. 



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