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Find information about single-payer health care and related issues, as well as allies working to make it a reality. For additional links, please visit our Member Organizations page, and the Organizations Supporting Single-Payer Health Care page.

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National sites for best information and action

Physicians for a National Health Program

PNHP has been advocating for single-payer reform since 1987, as well as conducting research on the health crisis, coordinating speakers and forums, contributing scholarly articles to medical journals, and much more. Its website is an excellent source of background information and news on single-payer. Some features to check out:


Healthcare-NOW! is a grassroots organization that educates and advocates for single-payer healthcare legislation at the national level. It’s a good place to go for action alerts on national legislation.

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National organizations that do not support single-payer, but that publish useful information and studies.

Kaiser Family Foundation

This organization is not a single-payer advocate, but offers good research reports on health care and health policy issues.

The Commonwealth Fund

This foundation also provides research on health care and health policy issues.


Health Care Renewal publishes useful critiques of the health care system but does not support single-payer.

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